Affordable Wedding Hair and Makeup

Every bride wants to look amazing on her wedding day. After all, the bride is the center of attention and it’s natural to want to look your absolute best. You’ll be photographed doing everything from getting dressed to walking down the aisle, to portraits with family and dancing at the reception. This is why so many brides choose to have a professional do their hair and makeup for the big day. Many brides also arrange for their bridesmaids to get the same treatment. But what if you’re on a … [Read more...]

Should You Tip Wedding Vendors?

A common question asked by brides, grooms, parents and anyone else who may be involved in planning a budget wedding is ”Should you tip wedding vendors?” Often this is something most people don’t think about until the day of the wedding, and then they panic. You’ll want to be prepared ahead of time to avoid confusion and to be sure your wedding goes smoothly. This article will help you determine who gets a tip and how you should tip them. Avoid the Confusion by Reading the … [Read more...]

How to Stick to Your Wedding Budget

Why is it so hard to stick to your wedding budget? Why do so many couples overspend? When it comes to weddings, the budget is everything. It's the big plan, the rulebook, and the largest determining factor for what your actual wedding will be like. The budget sets a specific amount that you will spend on each service or item related to your wedding based on the total amount you can afford to spend. (Notice I didn't say the total amount you WANT to spend. It's all about what you can actually … [Read more...]


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