Affordable Wedding Favors

It’s nice to send your wedding guests home with a little gift, but the cost of wedding favors can add up quickly when multiplied by the number of guests. A friend of mine tried to giver her guests candles, which cost $3 each. That doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but she had almost 200 people at her wedding, which means she would have spent nearly $600 on favors alone.

Here are some ideas for affordable wedding favors that will keep you under budget.

wedding favor jordan almonds

Jordan Almonds – these little goodies are just candy coated almonds. They are inexpensive and delicious. Order them online and package them in small tins or boxes. They’re a nice token for your guests to enjoy after the wedding.

Candy-Bar – Set up a candy bar station at your reception and encourage guests to help themselves as they leave. You can include different types of old fashioned loose candy and provide cellophane bags for your guests to carry their treats home in. This is a very inexpensive option that will serve a lot of people. Considering candy is only a few cents per piece, this budget favor will go a long way.

Green Wedding Favors:

wedding favor seedsSeed Packets – A gift that guests will enjoy long after the wedding day. Give each guest a packet of seeds. Whether its your favorite flower, plant, or vegetable, the seeds can be a metaphor for your growing love, growing family, etc.

Bulbs – flower bulbs are another great gift, perfect for a fall wedding. Your guests can plant the bulbs and enjoy them come spring time.

Tree Saplings – An awesome gift for the “green” bride and groom. Give your guests a tree sapling that they can plant in their yard or any other location they choose. Tree saplings can be had for about $1-$2 a piece and they make a very unique gift. We gave out little pine tree favors at our wedding and to this day, our friends and family send us photos of their growing trees on our anniversary.
(For more information see the Arbor Day Foundation website:

Functional Wedding Favors:

wedding favor cookie cuttersCookie cutters – Cookie cutters make a really cool gift that can be used over and over again. You could use a heart (for love), a pear (for the perfect pair), or letters for your initials. You can usually buy cookie cutters for $1-$2 dollars.

Stationary – Give each guest a pack of 5 note cards with envelopes wrapped in ribbon. Find inexpensive cards with a pretty design and then tie them together with some ribbon. Your guests will definitely be able to use these and it won’t cost you much money.
When it comes to wedding favors, use your creativity to come up with something that relates to you and your wedding. Try to give your guests something useful or edible. Remember, it doesn’t have to be extravagant, it’s just a simple token of your appreciation for them being a part of your special day.

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