DIY Wedding Arbor

DIY wedding altar
Some close friends of ours got married recently at a local winery. Their ceremony was outdoors, but aside from a few grapevines there wasn’t much scenery. The bride loved photos she saw online of wooden arbors used as an outdoor wedding altar. She mentioned that she wished the winery had something similar, and her soon-to-be hubby picked up on the hint. As a surprise, the groom decided he’d try to build a wedding altar for her. Not only would it give them the look they wanted for their ceremony, but it could be done inexpensively and would make a big impact.

With the help of a few friends and family members, the groom was able to put together a gorgeous arbor for their wedding. They draped it with silk fabric and floral accents. They placed the arbor at the entrance to the ceremony area, so that guests and the wedding party would walk through it as they entered and exited the ceremony. As a bonus, they were able to put it in their garden after the wedding, where they will enjoy it for years to come as a reminder of their wedding day.

Making your own wedding decorations can be time consuming, but it’s a great way to save money on your wedding and keep your wedding budget in check. In this case, the groom’s DIY wedding arbor cost under $75, but it provided a big visual impact for the ceremony.
Here are some plans for a simple DIY Wedding arbor.

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