Hot Summer Wedding Trends

When discussing the hottest trends for the Summer Wedding Season, it’s all too easy to mention that many couples are cutting back due to the impact of the current economy. But remember, money is not the be-all end-all when planning a great wedding. While wedding budgets may be tight, couples are getting more and more creative with their wedding plans and aren’t afraid to branch out and be different. Here are a few hot summer wedding trends that are sure to be seen in the summer wedding season.


Laid Back Atmosphere
Many couples are opting for a laid back summer wedding instead of an all out bash. Summer is a great time to kick back and relax, so why not bring that vibe into your wedding plans. Instead of a DJ, hire a singer/guitarist or a small band to provide the soundtrack to your day. Maybe serve mai tais or another tropical drink to help your guests get into the spirit of things. You may also decide to throw the formal wear out the window in favor of a more casual look, like flip flops instead of stilettos! Have fun with your laid back wedding and don’t take things too seriously. This is about making things fun, not perfect.

casual wedding dress

Casual Wedding Dresses
Many brides are toning down their wedding look for Summer and are opting for a simple off-the-rack dress by one of their favorite designers rather than a formal gown that might set them back thousands of dollars. Spending less on the dress allows brides to save a large chunk of the budget and spend it elsewhere, such as on food or entertainment.

homemade wedding favor

Homemade Wedding Favors
Wedding favors can get expensive, especially if you have a lot of guests. But it’s important to show your guests that you appreciate them being there for your big day. This summer wedding season homemade wedding favors are definitely becoming more common. Thee homemade and affordable wedding favors add a special personal touch to the occasion. From handmade stationary sets to homemade truffles, couples are finding creative ways to say “thanks!”

mismatched bridesmaid dresses

Un-Matched Bridesmaid Dresses
For years, brides have been selecting a dress designer and a color swatch, then letting their bridesmaids choose from similar styles that work with different body types. But for Summer, brides are taking that idea even further. Now brides are simply choosing a color and letting their bridesmaids find an off-the-rack dress from anywhere they like. While the colors won’t match exactly, they’ll all be of the same color family, which can create a cool effect. This takes a bit of pressure off the bride, and allows the bridesmaids to find a dress they like, and one that they might actually wear again. Just be sure to specify how formal the dress should be and give the bridesmaids a color range to use for comparison.

backyard wedding

Weddings at Home
Getting married at home is a way that couples are making their wedding more intimate and personal. Home weddings can be understated, casual, and down to earth. While this is not ideal for all couples, it works well for a wedding on a budget and a couple that wants a smaller wedding with close friends and family. Summer is the perfect time for a backyard wedding. Just make sure your house/yard can accommodate the number of people you expect.

summer wedding cupcakes

Cup Your Cake, and Eat it Too!
Cupcakes are becoming increasingly popular at weddings, and summer is the perfect time to bring out these tasty little treats. Cupcakes are easy to eat and they’re portable—no plater or utensils needed. You don’t have to pay for the caterer to cut and serve cupcakes as you would with a traditional cake, which makes them a great alternative for the budget savvy bride and groom.

citrus wedding centerpiece

Citrus Centerpieces
Floral centerpieces can be expensive, so skip the flowers and hit the produce aisle. Fruit can make a beautiful and unexpected display for the tables at your reception. Find hearty fruits that work with your color scheme, like lemons, limes, or oranges. Avoid delicate fruits that might not hold up in the summer heat.

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