What are the ‘Terms of Use’ for your designs?
Before using our templates we ask that you abide by our terms of use.

I am an invitation designer / vendor. Can I use your templates for my clients?
No. Our tempates are for personal use only. They may not be re-used or sold for profit. However, if you wish to purchase a license, you will have access to all of our templates in their native formats which you may use, sell, or modify however you like. Contact us for licensing information.

I want my invitation to match my wedding colors. Can I customize the colors used in the template?
PDF versions of our templates can be customized, however this may require the use of a program such as Adobe Illustrator.

What kind of paper should I print on?
We recommend printing your invitations on a high quality cover stock paper. 100# stock is a good weight and will ensure that your invitations are sturdy and look professional. Some inkjet and color laser printers can not handle heavyweight paper, so make sure you “test print” a few sheets before buying large quantities. Contact your local paper merchant for more information.

Where can I find envelopes?
You can buy envelopes from most office supply stores or a specialty paper retailer.

What size envelopes should I order?
Our invitations come in various sizes. The size will be noted in the specs for each template. Order envelopes that match the invitations size. (For example, an A7 size invitation requires an A7 size envelope. All reply cards require a 4 Bar envelope (3 5/8 X 5 1/8).
(NOTE: Always print out your invitation and measure it before you order envelopes)

Where can I buy paper?
You can buy heavyweight card stock from most office supply stores or a specialty paper retailer.

What if my question has not been answered?
Please contact us.