How To Video

NOTE TO OUR READERS: This video shows our old website, but the process to download and print your own wedding invitation remains the same. Visit our FREE Invitation page to download one of our templates.

Download Instructions

  1. Select the invitation you would like to download
  2. Click the link for the file format you would like to download (Microsoft Word or PDF). All files should automatically download to your computer. If you wish to save the download to a specific location, right-click the link and select “Download linked file” or “Save as”.
  3. Open the file in your preferred application.

Set Up Instructions

  1. Open your file in Microsoft Word or as a PDF.
  2. Add your text in the text field. You can edit text size, fonts, and text color. For help with wording your invitation, see our Invitation Wording help page. (Note: If you download your template as a PDF you will need additional image editing software such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, or Pohotshop, in order add text to your template. You can not add text to a PDF in Adobe Acroba )
  3. Save your files for print.

Printing Instructions

  1. Load the printer with your choice of paper. For help choosing paper, see our FAQ page.
  2. Print your files. Make sure you set up your printer options for the best quality printing and for the correct paper. (i.e. – Printer Speed: slow, Quality: best or hi-resolution)
  3. Using an x-acto knife or a paper cutter, cut out your invitation, following the crop marks on the printed pages. Then assemble your invitations, mail them to your guests, and wait for the responses to start flowing in.