Planning an Affordable Fall Wedding

affordable fall wedding
Fall is a gorgeous time of year to tie the knot. Here are some tips for planning an affordable Fall wedding.

affordable fall wedding
The Venue

Traditional Wedding Venues fill up fast, so book early. While Spring and Summer are popular times of year to get married, Fall wedding are on the rise. For the best deals, book your wedding later in the Fall Season. October and November rates are usually lower than September.

Consider having an outdoor ceremony in a beautiful setting. The changing leaves make a gorgeous backdrop for any ceremony, so choose a place where guests can take in the views. Since nature is doing the decorating, you’ll spend less on flowers and accessories for the ceremony. Outdoor venues tend to cost a lot less than traditional venues, and in many public spaces, all you’ll need to do is get a permit to use the area. Consider regional parks or lakes, which are known for their changing leaves and breathtaking views.

The Food
Caterers are usually the busiest during summer where people are throwing parties and outdoor events, and the Holidays, when companies are hosting large parties. Take a advantage of the Fall season to get a great rate for your catering. Plan a menu that uses seasonal ingredients that are available during the Fall months. Think of harvest vegetables like pumpkin, butternut squash, root vegetables. Discuss possible ideas with your caterer and they will be sure to plan a Fall menu that fits your taste buds and your budget.

affordable fall wedding

Another tip for saving money on food costs is to have one caterer make the food for the rehearsal and the reception, and also make the wedding cake. You can usually get a better deal since you’re grouping your food costs under one bill.

The Flowers
Ask your florist to use in-season flowers that are local to your area. You’ll save a load of money on your flowers because these flowers are widely available and cost less when they are in peak season. Here are some flowers that are available for Fall:

Dahlias come in a wide range of colors from warm yellow to hot red. They make a colorful addition to wedding centerpieces and bouqets.

Hydrangeas are still available during Fall and come in colors ranging from pink to blue. Hydrangeas can also be painted using florist’s paint to match any color you can dream of.

Chrysanthemums peak season is in the fall. Commonly known as ‘mums’ these flowers come in a wide range of sizes and colors. They make a great “filler” flower.

Colors & Textures
With so many bright colors occurring in nature this time of year, it makes sense to incorporate traditional “Fall” colors into your wedding. The Color Pallets like chocolate-brown, with teal, navy, Lime-yellows, golds, coral reds, and bright orange are popular. Pull your inspiration from nature and get creative with your decorations.


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