Save Money on Your Spring Wedding

Spring is one of the most beautiful times to have your wedding. Flowers are in bloom, temperatures are mild, and the world seems to be reawakening after the winter season. Here are four easy tips for ways to save money on your spring wedding.

budget spring wedding
Tip #1: Use Nature as Your Backdrop – Plan a Garden Wedding
Finding an affordable venue is an easy way to cut your Spring wedding expenses. Consider holding your ceremony and reception in a garden setting to take advantage of the warmer Spring weather and the beautiful blossoms that appear on plants and trees. Many towns, universities, and parks have beautiful outdoor spaces that can be reserved for a small fee or sometimes for free. Consider outdoor wedding locations that offer a pavilion, gazebo, or clubhouse, so you can provide shade on a hot day, and shelter in case of rain. By holding a garden wedding you can also save money on decorations like flower arrangements, because your garden backdrop will provide plenty of vibrant color and visual interest.

budget spring wedding
Tip #2: Have a Casual Rehearsal Dinner at home

If you’re open to a more casual rehearsal dinner, you may consider holding the event in your home or even in the backyard. A simple, low-key get together is a great way to keep costs down. Your home can provide a more intimate setting for the dinner, giving you a chance to spend more time with your guests than if you held the event in a ball room or restaurant. Even if you have the dinner catered you’ll still save a bundle on the venue costs.

budget spring wedding
Tip #3: Use In-season Flowers, or Pick Your Own

One of the benefits of having a Spring wedding is having your pick of the many seasonal flowers available. Spring blooms will give you a wide variety of shapes and colors to work with, but more importantly, they will help you keep your costs low. Because so many flowers naturally bloom in Spring, they are widely available and therefore cost less. Ask your florist which flowers are in season and locally available. A good florist will be able to put together a great package that fits your wedding budget.

Another option is to pick your own flowers. Maybe a relative or neighbor would be willing to let you cut from their garden. Many beautiful flowers are commonly found in personal gardens, such as tulips, daffodils, iris, and violets to name a few.

budget spring wedding
Tip #4: Spring Wedding Cupcakes

Instead of a traditional wedding cake, consider serving “Spring” cupcakes to your guests. Cupcakes are fun and easy to eat. They work great for a more casual affair. Many couples decorate the cupcakes with flowers and stack them on a tiered cake stand to mimic a traditional cake. There are endless ways to decorate and arrange the cupcakes, which gives you an opportunity to do something creative and unique.Cupcakes will cost you half the price of a traditional cake and you could even make them yourself to save even more money.

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